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The developer of DiveDB and also spends far too much time underwater!

Recent Dives by Cetra

Max Depth: 8.20m, Duration: 94:10
Interesting night dive with a lot of surge. Barely any nudibranchs out but discovered the Phyllodesmium serratum on the mid reef which was a welcome surprise. A new species for the site.
Max Depth: 7.70m, Duration: 83:30
Great night dive at Porties again. Lots of small critters out and great conditions! 40 degrees topside and pretty nice and warm in the water as well!
Max Depth: 20.50m, Duration: 59:10
Great dive at Glenelg Dredge after a few issues with the boat getting it in the water. In a moment of serendipity I had some spare R-Clips in the car which was precisely the thing we needed to fix the boat! The throttle rod became detached in the...
Max Depth: 7.60m, Duration: 100:20
A great evening dive at Port Noarlunga Jetty, with a few of the old favourites out and about! Unfortunately it looks like my macro lens has died, so will need to either fix it or find a replacement. The photos came out a little creamy but otherwise...

Recent Photos by Cetra