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The developer of DiveDB and also spends far too much time underwater!

Recent Dives by Cetra

Max Depth: 7.00m, Duration: 95:00
Awesome night dive at Port Noarlunga, with all the favourites out and about including weedies, leafies, octopusses & a few nudis!
Max Depth: 7.80m, Duration: 55:10
Great night dive at Port Noarlunga where we didn't really go out from under the jetty. Lots of flubbers (Roburnella wilsoni) again!
Max Depth: 7.80m, Duration: 81:30
Night dive with a bit of surge and a few critters out and about. Dived to the seahorse patch and then followed the standard square
Max Depth: 15.40m, Duration: 64:31
The first part of this dive was for fin rescue as my buddy had managed to send it to the depths when getting ready! Afterwards things were OK, and I managed to do a great scour of the reef to find heaps of disco slugs chilling out! My buddy, having...

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