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Port Noarlunga Jetty

Port Noarlunga Jetty

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Depth: 10m, Difficulty: OW
GPS: -35.149122 138.46588 ( 35°8.947'S 138°27.953'E )
Last Edited: 6/8/2023, 2:47:50 PM


Port Noarlunga Jetty is one of the most accessible dive sites in South Australia with proximity to the city and easy jetty access. A great night or day dive with depths under the jetty going up to roughly 8 meters. Commonly used as a training ground for new Open Water divers.

At the end of the jetty is a marine reserve and a reef wall. There is an underwater trail south of the jetty which goes through a deeper area known as the gap, where the depth can be up to 20 meters.

All sorts of sealife can be seen here with over 200 species of marine life & 50 species of fish, including South Australia's iconic leafy sea dragon.


The best access to the reef is via the stairs at the end which contains 3 different level platforms, for access at any tide.

There is a set of stairs an a ladder midway down the jetty, but will require some upper body strength to climb the ladder at the end of a dive.

Beach entry and exit is also possible if the waves aren't too big.

To get a gauge of weather before going, you can view the South Port Webcam, which is positioned just south of the jetty.

The old stairs can be found by following the reef at the end of the jetty north, finding the big chain and then heading in the direction of the chain for roughly 50 metres.

There is also shallow 0.5m reef 310 degree bearing ~ 75 - 100 metres from the mid stairs which sits in about 3 metres



    Max Depth: 7.20m, Duration: 87:00
    Freezing cold but very clear dive at porties. Was around 13 degrees in the water but still managed a good 80 minutes! Lots of nudis out on the reef, and back again at the old stairs!
    Max Depth: 8.30m, Duration: 35:20
    Max Depth: 7.70m, Duration: 65:20
    Max Depth: 7.70m, Duration: 107:40
    Max Depth: 7.60m, Duration: 117:20
    Max Depth: 7.50m, Duration: 128:40
    Max Depth: 6.40m, Duration: 68:50
    Max Depth: 6.80m, Duration: 84:00
    Max Depth: 7.00m, Duration: 67:20
    Max Depth: 8.10m, Duration: 80:00