Star of Greece

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Depth: 6m, Difficulty: OW
GPS: -35.2523833333333 138.459366666667 ( 35°15.143'S 138°27.562'E )
Last Edited: 2/19/2021, 2:23:50 PM

The Star of Greece was built in Belfast in 1868 and was a 1227 ton, three masted ship. The ship ran aground just north of Port Willunga in the early hours of 13 July 1888 having left Port Adelaide the previous afternoon. A permanent bouy marks the wreck and access is by long walk and snorkel or by boat launched from the Southern end of Aldinga Beach or from O'Sullivan's Beach ramp. Despite being wrecked only 200m from shore in 6m of water, only 10 of the crew of 27 survived. When clear of the sand which can almost cover the entire wreck a lot of wreckage can be seen.