Aldinga Pinnacles

Aldinga Pinnacles

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Depth: 8m, Difficulty: OW
GPS: -35.266833 138.433666 ( 35°16.010'S 138°26.020'E )
Last Edited: 1/10/2022, 10:58:59 AM


Part of the Aldinga reef system closer in shore from the drop off. Spectacular dive with lots of swim throughs, overhangs, fish life and weed growth.

The dive is in starts in only 8m of water so an extended amount of time can be spent exploring the reef system, the overhangs and occasional cave.

Visibility here is generally very good and swimming amongst rock pinnacles extending from the sea floor to just beneath the surface of the sea is very different to other SA dives.


Access is via boat with the closest boat ramp being O'Sullivan's Boat Ramp. On a good day it will take around 20 minutes to drive up.

Be mindful of some of the shallower regions of the reef.