Sixspine Leatherjacket


Alternative name/s: Freycinet's Leatherjacket, Grey Leatherjacket, Orange-spotted Leatherjacket, Reef Leatherjacket, Six-spine Leatherjacket, Skottowe's Leatherjacket, Variable Leatherjacket The colouration of Sixspine Leatherjackets change with growth. The species is endemic to Australia. Identification. Male Sixspine Leatherjackets are usually blue with yellow blotches. There are blue lines and dots on the head and below the dorsal and anal fins. Females are pale green, yellow or brown and usually have three to five broad brown stripes. The colour pattern can be variable. Fish across the distribution can look quite different. Both sexes have five to eight spines on the caudal peduncle, those of male fish are longer. Habitat. Juveniles are found in shallow water, commonly in seagrass beds. Adults are found on coastal and offshore reefs, to depths of 50 m or more. Mark McGrouther, Updated 16/01/19