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MV Seawolf

MV Seawolf

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Depth: 0m, Difficulty: OW
GPS: -35.147983 138.442083 ( 35°8.879'S 138°26.525'E )
Last Edited: 10/10/2022, 8:31:18 AM


The boat, originally named the Matsu Maru , was owned by a tuna fisherman from Port Lincoln who had obtained the boat from the Australian Government after it was confiscated while operating off Darwin. The owner planned to refurbish it for the lucrative tuna long line fishing industry, however, as tuna farming was gaining momentum at the time it became uneconomic to refurbish the boat to Australian standards to enter the declining long line industry.

The partially stripped hull lay unused from 1993, anchored off Lincoln Cove Marina and became something of a local eyesore and haven for multitudes of feral pigeons

After negotiations by Christopher Deane, and fundraising (quite modest, compared to more recent sinkings) by the Sea Wolves Dive Club, and the rest of the SA Dive Community, the hulk was towed to Port Adelaide from Port Lincoln on 20/21 October 2001 so that the extensive cleanup and preparation for scuttling could be done safely and efficiently. The man-made contaminants were nothing compared to all of the guano which had to be removed before it could be sunk!

With her new name emblazoned across her stern and bow, on Saturday March 23, 2002 she was scuttled and lies on her starboard side some 20 metres slightly to the south east of the hull of the HA Lumb, making the site a two wreck dive with a tyre reef thrown in for added interest! Look for the "bomb" on deck and other Sea Wolves markers below decks.




    Max Depth: 19.60m, Duration: 44:50