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Troubridge Point Reef Dive

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Depth: 12m, Difficulty: AOW
GPS: -35.167153 137.641675 ( 35°10.029'S 137°38.500'E )
Last Edited: 4/22/2022, 10:45:41 AM


This location is just out of Edithburg at the KI side of lighthouse,,As you drive around past the light look for off shoot of track to small carpark area ,Will take quite a few cars It overlooks the sandslope going down to entry point ..

Word of WARNING pick the weather.. No wind over 5 t 7 kts minimum wave activity over reef ..DO YOUR WEATHER BEFORE DIVING ,,this location can change while you are on the dive ok..


This shows the sand slope going down to the reef area for entry ,,slopes down to left ,once at the rocks you will see small way down to reef entry,, Very easy to negotiate but may need to do couple trips with equipment ..

The place to get in is a VEE shape in reef it be middle of the lower area , nice n flat ,If shore break allows it you can put fins on in shallow water,, if not up on reef n step into the pool in front Please help each other in and out

Once in swim out little then turn left , you will see swimthrus ,,gutters,,, ledges ,,turning right ,if your lucky you will see a large curved reef,rock I called the fish chimney,,tis about 10 mts wide in about 8 mts deep ,it is covered in every color of Gorgonia coral Yellow red orange etc,, When we dived this spot there was so many fish at this spot we lost sight of most student divers. OK now we swim over the ledge leading to the sand at about 12 mts See dia.. Fin around to right till you see a large overhang on the corner,, you will see heaps of fish here ,, sometimes large schools of Palegics will swim by ..We have had SEALS n Dolphins hang around the students n they loved it Keep turning right and follow sand it will lead to exit piont Warning take COMPASS ,,get directions before entering water so you dont get lost ..