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Portsea Pier

Portsea Pier

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Depth: 4m, Difficulty: OW
GPS: -38.318444 144.713389 ( 38°19.107'S 144°42.803'E )
Last Edited: 1/3/2023, 6:32:38 PM


Portsea Pier is a great "tank burner" dive if diving with some of the commercial boat operators on the Mornington Peninsula. You can easily jump in and have a look around after doing a few boat dives.

Expect to see Weedy Sea Dragons, schools of globe fish, and other types of marine life. Albeit normally overlooked, this pier has a lot to offer and is worth a quick dip.

When leaving tanks on the pier before a boat dive make sure you lay them down. When boats dock, they can knock the pier significantly and cause your tanks to fall. Also be respectful of other divers, ensuring everyone has enough space and walkways & benches are clear of gear.


There is a ladder on a platform that is about halfway down. Depending on your strength you may require someone to assist you getting out.

Alternatively there is the option of a shore exit on the small beach, but may not be possible depending on how much surge is present.

Car parking is a big hassle here, so get there as early as possible. At peak times most of the car parking is time limited to 1-2 hours which is fine for a quick gear drop off, but not to dive.

There is off-street parking that isn't time limited on Nepean Pl, otherwise there is a dirt car park off of Fitzjohns Ct. Both will require a bit of a walk to get to the pier, so best to get there early to secure as best a park as possible.