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Port Victoria Jetty

Port Victoria Jetty

97 Photos, 23 Dives Logged
Depth: 5m, Difficulty: OW
GPS: -34.49518 137.480785 ( 34°29.711'S 137°28.847'E )
Last Edited: 11/28/2022, 8:48:58 AM


A nicely underappreciated jetty which sports some great macro & fish life underneath. Quite a shallow jetty with the depth averaging around 4 metres at the end.

Expect to see nudibranchs, sea horses, garfish & plenty of other marine life.

Great for beginners given its relatively easy depth.


There are stairs near the end and a sloped platform about halfway down which can preferably be used.

It is recommended to dive this on high tide as both entry points are harder to get into if the tide is low. The platform, depending on tide, does not extend down into the water very far. Likewise: the stairs do not go down into the water, especially on low tide, so expect to need help getting out, including taking off your gear to get back up.



    Max Depth: 4.00m, Duration: 123:00
    Awesome long & shallow dive at Port Victoria Jetty, with a few of the favourites out and about. Managed to get better photos of the smaller green nudis this time round. Spotted a baby weedy sea dragon, the second in a couple of months! At the end...
    Max Depth: 3.90m, Duration: 47:40
    Max Depth: 4.20m, Duration: 94:10