The NORMA was a steel 4 masted iron barque of 2122 tons, measuring 278 feet, that sank in the main shipping channel of Outer Harbour in 1907 when it was rammed whilst at anchor by the Ardencraig.

The day after the sinking the Jessie Darling ran over the wreck and sank on top of the Norma breaking her back. The Jessie Darling was subsequently refloated.

Because of the danger to shipping, the Norma was dynamited. The wreck lies about 5kms offshore from North Haven and is subject to strong tidal currents. Access is by boat from North Haven boat ramp.

The wreck of the Norma is spread out over quite a large area and consists of a large area of twisted metal lying on the bottom. The bow area is still recognisable and acts as a marine haven for fish.

The remains are very interesting, The fish life is prolific with wobbegongs frequently seen.