Broken Bottom

Broken Bottom

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Depth: 10m, Difficulty: OW
GPS: -34.9628833333333 138.480366666667 ( 34°57.773'S 138°28.822'E )
Last Edited: 7/6/2022, 4:19:04 PM


Broken bottom is again part of the old shore line and consists of a series of naturally formed rock piles spread over a large area 2kms north west of Glenelg in 10m of water. Access is by boat from the West Beach boat ramp. Fish life is sparse to prolific with no set pattern. If fish life is sparse you can investigate the rock piles, sea tulips and razor shells. The colours of the sponges and flora is exceptional. At other times the whole dive can be taken up swimming amongst vast schools of sea pike and silver drummer. Many spider crabs inhabit this area and occasional a rays and flat heads may be found.