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SS Clan Ranald

SS Clan Ranald

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Depth: 20m, Difficulty: AOW
GPS: -35.171365 137.625389 ( 35°10.282'S 137°37.523'E )
Last Edited: 1/2/2024, 2:23:09 PM


The SS Clan Ranald is a steamship wreck off the coast of Yoirke Peninsula near Edithburgh and Troubridge Hill.

The wreck is of unique historic importance: She is the only example in Australian waters of a turret deck ship: a type of steel-hulled cargo ship with an unusual hull shape, built between 1890s and 1900s.

The SS Clan Ranald sank on 1909, with 40 out of 64 lives lost, around 700 metres from shore and in 18 metres of water.

Given its age in the water, it is in remarkable condition. There are plenty of fish and other sealife to be found on the wreck, and enough structure to attract wobbegongs.

However, due to the location and the overall roughness of the area this site can attract strong current and surge. For this reason it is not a beginner friendly site.


Access is via boat with the nearest boat ramp being Edithburgh.

Given that it is quite an exposed site, you should plan dives there extremely carefully, preferably low & offshore wind, and on dodge tide.