Port Giles Jetty

Port Giles Jetty

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Depth: 14m, Difficulty: OW
GPS: -35.021726 137.769069 ( 35°1.304'S 137°46.144'E )
Last Edited: 11/30/2022, 11:44:33 AM


Closed (see access)

This is a long jetty with the only shore diving access at the steps at the beginning of the jetty. Being a working grain loading jetty access is not permitted when a ship is in. There is lots of life under the jetty with the pylons covered in sponges and soft corals. There is a big eel bed, with lots of eels there. It's quite deep for a jetty, getting up to around 14 metres at the tank at the end of the jetty.


The owners of this jetty (Flinders Ports) have banned diving/snorkelling/swimming at this jetty due to there being an anti corrosion low voltage line running underneath the jetty. There is reportedly an exclusion zone around the entire jetty, so one would assume diving from a boat is not allowed either.



    Photo at Port Giles Jetty.