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Inlet Reserve, West Lakes

Inlet Reserve, West Lakes

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Depth: 4m, Difficulty: OW
GPS: -34.893917 138.49015 ( 34°53.635'S 138°29.409'E )
Last Edited: 7/19/2021, 3:10:14 PM


Location: Trimmer Parade near Military Road, Tennyson

The southern end of West Lakes is marked by a small carpark off Trimmer Parade. The reserve is named for the inlet where sea water enters the lake at high tide. The site is just 10-20m from the carpark.

Description: The inlet (more than 1?) is a large (2.5m on a side), square-profiled concrete tunnel leading (I presume) to pipes and the sea. The inlet reaches the narcosis-inducing depth of around 4m. There are plenty of structures to explore outside the actual inlet in the small site of 10x20m.

Hazards: The inlet is an overhead environment. I don't know how far it can be explored or what hazards might be encountered. There is plenty of fishing gear snagged on the structures and there is line near the entry point.

Warning: I expect that you will have a very bad day if you are deep inside the inlet pipe (I don't know if this is possible) and the inlet closes.

Tide: Local knowledge (single-source/unverified) indicates that the inlet automatically opens to the sea when the tide reaches 1.4m at Grange. This causes a strong inflow through the inlet and into the lake.

Summary: A small local site that is worth a look if the weather doesn’t support a sea dive and you don’t mind an awkward entry.


Carpark: Small carpark very close to the site.

Entry: A careful clamber over the rocks forming the edge of the lake immediately west of the inlet.

Ooze: The first few metres consists of wading through deep ooze (I sank up to my knees while walking out without fins).

Distance: The inlet is just a few metres from the entry point.

Avoid: High tide when the inlet is open to the sea.