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Torpedo Reef

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Depth: 5m, Difficulty: OW
GPS: -38.277117 144.664283 ( 38°16.627'S 144°39.857'E )
Last Edited: 12/24/2022, 4:56:04 PM


Nestled in under Shortland's Bluff near Queenscliff, Torpedo Reef is a group of low-lying reefs that are home to a lovely variety of fish life and the odd Crayfish. Also, a great site to see the giant black Stingrays that we have here in Port Phillip. You'll be diving on the prettiest sponge garden in the area.

Torpedo Reef gets its name from the illusive torpedo bottle. Over the years many torpedo bottles have been found in the area, lying between the reef of rock and soft sponges. However, if you find one, chances are it's more than 75-years old and thus protected under the Heritage Act. So leave it where you find it.

The relative shallowness of the water here allows a lot of light and nice long bottom times. A great dive to spend just admiring the colours of our temperate water reefs.

Dive Type: Reef Dive

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