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The Basin

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Depth: 2m, Difficulty: OW
GPS: -38.35536 142.335664 ( 38°21.322'S 142°20.140'E )
Last Edited: 12/24/2022, 4:55:47 PM


The Basin (aka Pelicans) diving and snorkelling site is a south-east facing, protected section of beach in the lee of Sisters Point, off the Princes Highway near Killarney between Port Fairy and Warrnambool on Victoria's Shipwreck Coast. The low basalt points and offshore barrier reefs reduce the waves, and form two beaches bordered by the low points and backed by grassy dunes. This site features sheltered beaches and rock pools.

To access The Basin beach, take the unsealed Basin Track from Mahoneys Road, near Killarney Beach. Long vehicles are not recommended as the track and car park are narrow. Boat launching is permitted at The Basin. It is across beach sand, so a 4WD vehicle is recommended. Please return all vehicles with trailers to the car park after launching and retrieving boats, to keep the beach clear and safe for visitors and wildlife.

The 600 metre long The Basin East beach receives waves averaging about 1 metre, which break across a wide bar. A few rips exist along the beach and there is a permanent rip against the basalt rocks below the car park.

The smaller, 100 metre long The Basin West beach has lower waves and usually a continuous, shallow bar with no rips.

The safe entry points provide dive and snorkel sites over lush seaweed beds. Snorkellers can take advantage of the occasionally crystal clear blue waters alive with magnificent underwater kelp habitat and its residents. It is worth a look in poor weather.

Dive Type: Shore Dive

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