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Ramsden Cave

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Depth: 1m, Difficulty: OW
GPS: -38.692663 143.83455 ( 38°41.560'S 143°50.073'E )
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Ramsden Cave (aka Sea Cave and Ramsdens Cave) goes into the cliffs of Cape Patton, about 25 km north-east from Apollo Bay and 20 km south-west from Lorne on the Otway Coast. The entrance to Ramsden Cave is at the bottom of a 75-metre cliff, above the shoreline, just to the east of the Cape Patton Lookout on the Great Ocean Road. Cape Patton marks the western end of what was considered the Great Ocean Road when first constructed by World War One veterans. Ramsden Cave goes about 60 metres into the cliff.

A farmer, Mr Ramsden, was tracking down one of his lost goats and came across a huge cave on the shoreline below the Great Ocean Road at Cape Patton. (See Ramsden Cave History below.) Well, this is it.

You need to be strong, fit and very experienced to safely get to Ramsden Cave. It requires careful planning plus very calm weather conditions.

The Cape Patton cliffs, some of the highest on the Victorian coast, are embedded with 106,000,000-year-old dinosaur bones in the rock layers of sandstone, siltstone and mudstone. Seventy-five metres above the wave-lashed rocks the Great Ocean Road offers spectacular views extending to Apollo Bay in the west and Aireys inlet in the north-east.

If you're not into climbing, you can park at Orchard Creek and dive off the rock platforms on either side of Cobble Creek. Then make your way east towards Ramsden Cave. Exit from the water and go explore the cave.

Ramsden Cave sometimes takes in water from high tides. The small entrance opens into a larger chamber with a pool.

Dive Type: Shore Dive

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