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Point Cooke Homestead

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Depth: 2m, Difficulty: OW
GPS: -37.927528 144.791244 ( 37°55.652'S 144°47.475'E )
Last Edited: 12/24/2022, 4:54:51 PM


Point Cooke Homestead is a popular diving and snorkelling site just west of the Point Cook Homestead and further west of Point Cooke. It lies in the Point Cooke Marine Sanctuary, faces south into north-western Port Phillip This is mostly a shallow dive, around two or three metres depth, and is popular for both day and night dives. There is good parking, and the historic old homestead and a cafe, are close by.

A narrow sandy beach separates the land from the sea. Off the coast, a series of low basalt reefs rises from the seafloor, the remains of a volcanic activity and a lava flow across the western plains thousands of years ago. The beach at Point Cooke Homestead receives low waves, which build a low, narrow beach fronted by shallow, intertidal sand and rock flats up to 200 metres wide. The old Homestead Jetty crosses the beach nearby, but is now in ruins.

For the shallow version of this dive, head south-south-west from the shore and once on the outer edge of the reef, head east. Follow the outer edge of the reef. The ruins of an old jetty mark a nice safe exit point.

Beneath the water, countless marine animals and plants can be found. Exposed sections of rock support a range of life including tube worms, anemones and many different colourful algae. Prickly sea urchins are abundant near crevices, while sponges grow plentifully in dark corners. Small sharks and skates patrol the surrounding eelgrass beds and muddy seafloor.

Pods of bottlenose dolphins visit the sanctuary and in late summer, swarms of jellyfish pulsate over the reef. You may be lucky enough to encounter an entertaining fish called the Southern Blennie or be able to spot a Pipefish hidden in the seagrass. On the right day, you may come across large aggregations of Southern fiddler rays, basking in the shallow sandy areas.

Dive Type: Shore Dive

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