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Parker Inlet, Cape Otway

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Depth: 1m, Difficulty: OW
GPS: -38.845714 143.561045 ( 38°50.743'S 143°33.663'E )
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Parker Inlet, east of the Cape Otway Lighthouse, is a small and stunning cove with a sandy beach at the mouth of the Parker River on Victoria's Otway Coast. The diveable rock platforms can be seen from the lookout at the car park.

The Parker River flows through steep, forested slopes to enter the coast in a 200 metre deep bay, with just a 50 metre wide entrance between two 50 metre high headlands. The river and waves have built a 100 metre long beach inside the bay, with a small, low, sand barrier and estuary behind the beach. The bay is shallow, with a bar and permanent rip occupying the area between the beach and the entrance. Rock platforms line either side of the entrance.

The Parker River Beach sits between two large hills, facing south-easterly in the Great Otway National Park. The hill on the western side is Parker Hill, where there is the Parker Hill Campground and a car park with a track down to Parker Inlet.

Beach access is only a short walk from the campground. Follow the iconic Great Ocean Walk north toward Parker Inlet. A steep climb down 300 steps will lead you to a secluded beach at the mouth of Parker River. From there you can explore the intertidal rock pools or head out into the water for a dive or snorkel. There is plenty of challenging reef to explore to the south and north of Parker Inlet, and schools of ocean going fish.

From the east, approach Apollo Bay and Cape Otway along the Great Ocean Road (B100) by taking either Anglesea Road or Surf Coast Highway from Geelong.

From Colac, approach through Lavers Hill (inland route C155).

From the west, pick up the Great Ocean Road by approaching via Port Campbell (inland route C164).

From the Great Ocean Road, take Lighthouse Road and then Blanket Bay Road to reach Parker Hill Track, which is accessible by 2WD.

Dive Type: Reef Dive

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