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New Deep Bommie

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Depth: 30m, Difficulty: AOW
GPS: -38.317983 144.566667 ( 38°19.079'S 144°34.000'E )
Last Edited: 12/24/2022, 4:54:33 PM


New Deep Bommie sits in approx 42 metres of water. If you swim along the West side first (with the Bommie on your left side) you'll come to high peaks rising up from 42 metres to 34 metres, which create gullies that divers can swim through.

When you swim through the last one you'll come to an open expanse of rock usually inhabited by a large school of bull's eyes. At this point, the diver can head North to the centre top of the New Deep Bommie and search for a cave opening at about the 34-metre mark. The opening leads to a swim through which is only a few metres in length with the Odd Wrasse passing you by.

Or the diver can stay on the previous heading and encircle the entire New Deep Bommie where there are rich colours in the form of soft sponges dotted about the face of the Bommie and fish such as Wrasse, Horseshoe Leather Jackets, Sweep, plus more.

Dive Type: Bommie Dive

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