Nepean Bay Inner West

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Depth: 1m, Difficulty: OW
GPS: -38.304122 144.655847 ( 38°18.247'S 144°39.351'E )
Last Edited: 12/24/2022, 4:54:31 PM


Located at the Western end of Nepean Bay, situated on the north side of Point Nepean, this reef dive site features a series of detached reefs in shallow water. This reef area feature deep undercuts and is full of marine life and a large variety of fish species. Port Jackson sharks can be found in the breeding season in quite large numbers, sheltering under these deep crevices.

This shallow site is great for both snorkellers and scuba divers. However, the site can only be accessed by boat, as shore diving is prohibited at Point Nepean. The site is exposed to tidal influences and is best dived on the ebb tide.

Dive Type: Reef Dive

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Boat access