Myponga Beach

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Depth: 0m, Difficulty: OW
GPS: -35.371824 138.385052 ( 35°22.309'S 138°23.103'E )
Last Edited: 9/28/2021, 2:21:09 PM

A great shore dive with lots of crevices, walls and ledges. Most of the dive, there is a 4-5 metre vertical wall, with lots of drummer, Talma, old wives, goat fish and leatherjackets, magpie perch, dusky morwong, squid, cuttlefish and salmon hanging around.

You can swim from shore starting from right side of the beach, till the end of the rocks line which is around 150 meters, then swim to the left side rocks, that's another 500 meters. Can easily kill +1.5 hours in perfect conditions.


You don't need 4 wheel drive to reach the beach, bathroom available