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Mills Reef

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Depth: 5m, Difficulty: OW
GPS: -38.367788 142.286183 ( 38°22.067'S 142°17.171'E )
Last Edited: 12/24/2022, 4:54:20 PM


Mills Reef is a distinctive T-shape reef that runs 100 metres out to sea from the sandy shore between Killarney and Port Fairy off the Princes Highway on Victoria's Shipwreck Coast. It features a 10 to 15-metre vertical wall a further 50 metres out which takes you down to a sandy bottom at 20 metres and provides excellent diving.

One of the best dives around Port Fairy, Mills Reef has lots of fish and invertebrate life.

The wall at Mills Reef is best reached from a boat and is easily spotted using a depth sounder. The weed growth on the submerged rock shelf makes an entry from shore a bit of a chore, but not impossible. Nice site for snorkelling.

There are several other reefs in the area which run out to sea from the sandy shore.

Dive Type: Reef Dive

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