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Depth: 20m, Difficulty: AOW
GPS: -35.1480166666667 138.442166666667 ( 35°8.881'S 138°26.530'E )
Last Edited: 2/19/2021, 2:23:50 PM

The Lumb was sunk in 1994 specifically as a dive site by the SA dive industry. She lies upright on the bottom 50m west of the Noarlunga tyre reef, 2.5 km west of Noarlunga jetty. The Lumb started life as a tug working in Tasmania before being used at Port Lincoln. She was refitted as a fishing trawler and used to fish for tuna. At the end of her life she was purchased by the dive industry. She was cleaned up and holes were cut in her deck and she was sunk as a dive site. Penetrations are easy and safe as holes were cut allowing easy safe penetration. Fish life can be sparse to prolific and look out for the many nudibranchs on the wreck.