J2 Broken Submarine

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Depth: 39m, Difficulty: TECH
GPS: -38.31357 144.580048 ( 38°18.814'S 144°34.803'E )
Last Edited: 12/24/2022, 4:53:50 PM


The J2 Submarine shipwreck, also known as the J2 Sub, 39 Metre Sub, 130 Foot Broken Sub, Broken Sub or Deep Sub, lies on its keel running North-South with its bow pointing out to sea. During its scuttling the bow section broke off, exposing the forward torpedoes tubes and bow modifications.

The J2 Submarine is probably the most infrequently dived of the four J class submarines. It is the deepest, and it is also the closest to the Heads. It can, therefore, be uncomfortably close to the path taken by ships entering and leaving Port Phillip. Boat operators must be aware of the shipping traffic during the diving period.

Dive Type: Wreck Dive

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