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Foggy Reef

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Depth: 8m, Difficulty: OW
GPS: -38.293732 144.625467 ( 38°17.624'S 144°37.528'E )
Last Edited: 12/24/2022, 4:53:28 PM


At the very Southern end of the Lonsdale wall system sits Foggy Reef. As you may have guessed this site was named as the fog rolled and this amazing part of the wall was found.

The top of the reef is around 8 m (26 ft). Swimming north to east from the shot you will find the edge wall, dropping over the wall you can descend to around 25 m (82 ft). From this point, if you follow the wall to the south it will curve around to the east.

About 20 m (66 ft) from where you go over the edge there is a huge old admiralty anchor embedded in the wall. You will need to look carefully though as it is encrusted with the same colourful growth as the wall.

Directly opposite this site lying in the sand are two old cannons. Unfortunately, the sand movement in this area means that sometimes the cannons are buried. After you have had a look around, turn back the way you came and follow the wall north for the rest of your dive.

All sections of the wall in this area are heavily encrusted in a big variety of marine invertebrates, including soft coral, gorgonians, and sponges. Check out the amazing overhangs and undercuts for the colourful and prolific growth. It also goes without saying to note the fish and marine life attracted to this terrain.

Foggy Reef is a boat dive for the experienced diver, who must keep both weather and tidal conditions at the forefront of their dive plan. When diving this area always have an exit plan. Many divers have found themselves a long way away from their boat and safety due to poor planning.

Dive Type: Wall Dive

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