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Crawfish Rock

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Depth: 1m, Difficulty: OW
GPS: -38.27047 145.29647 ( 38°16.228'S 145°17.788'E )
Last Edited: 12/24/2022, 4:53:05 PM


Crawfish Rock lies 1.5 kilometres north of Scrub Point in the main tidal channel of the North Arm of Western Port off the north-western tip of French Island. It features deep reefs, pinnacles, canyons and underwater channels.

Access is by boat and the rock is exposed at low tide. There is strong and reversing current action with deep surrounding waters at this site which have prevented the accumulation of sand and gravel beaches and spits.

Crawfish Rock slips down to 32 m (105 ft) on one side and drops off to 26 m (85 ft) on the French island side.

The marine community at Crawfish Rock is unique, with very high invertebrate diversity. A number of threatened species make their homes here. The area has a unique and vulnerable marine community that it supports, which includes threatened Hydroids.

Dive Type: Reef Dive

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Boat access