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Corsair Rock

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Depth: 3m, Difficulty: OW
GPS: -38.300283 144.64135 ( 38°18.017'S 144°38.481'E )
Last Edited: 12/24/2022, 4:53:02 PM


The name Corsair Rock has sent shudders down the spine of many a seaman navigating Port Phillip Heads. The rock has been responsible for a large number of shipwrecks and strandings.

Corsair Rock is a submerged rock pinnacle that marks the south-western extremity of the submerged Nepean Bank, the sand and reef shallows that extend from Point Nepean and the drying Nepean Reef through to Corsair Rock. It is a flat-topped rock 6 metres in diameter, with 3.5 metres of water over it. Its location is indicated by a swirl above it on the flood tide and breaking short seas and whitewater on a strong ebb tide.

When conditions are favourable the kelp-covered top of the rock may be seen from the surface. When conditions such as this exist diving around Corsair Rock is at its best.

While it is popularly believed that Corsair Rock was named after the wreck of the pilot cutter Corsair was wrecked on it, in fact it was in the Corsair that pilots first located and charted the position of the notorious obstacle in October 1853. The Corsair was not wrecked on Nepean Reef until 19 years later, in 1874.

Dive Type: Bommie Dive

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