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Banksia Point, Ricketts Point

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Depth: 1m, Difficulty: OW
GPS: -37.986001 145.024845 ( 37°59.160'S 145°1.491'E )
Last Edited: 12/24/2022, 4:52:24 PM


Banksia Point is an interesting diving and snorkelling site at Ricketts Point, Beaumaris facing south-west into Port Phillip. It's part of Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary, a 115-hectare area located at Black Rock and Beaumaris, in north-eastern Port Phillip. Banksia Point is rarely dived or snorkelled, but can be very pleasant on a calm day.

Banksia Point is a great site for beginner snorkellers and night dive enthusiasts. It's so close to the city, thus very convenient for those living in Melbourne. Great for getting back in the water, a night dive after work, or just an excuse to get wet!

Most of the suggested path is close in with water depth up to around 2 metres. While the dive is shallow and close to shore, there is plenty of interesting marine life to keep you engaged.

Dive Type: Shore Dive

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Shore access