AV Ulonga

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Depth: 40m, Difficulty: TECH
GPS: -35.42 138.06 ( 35°25.200'S 138°3.600'E )
Last Edited: 6/7/2021, 12:02:59 PM


The Ulonga is the sister ship to the South Australian live aboard dive/fishing vessel, the Falie. She was originally a sailing ketch, was then converted to work on the river Murray, and then converted again, with an engine, to do short costal freight runs. She was lost in a storm in 1976, and wasn’t found again until approximately 2001.


She lies in 39 meters of water to the sand, in an area prone to high currents, it can only be dived on days with dodge tides, or during slack water. Other things to look out for are entanglement on the myriad of anchors and fishing lines hooked on her bow, the ever present wobbegongs and excess amounts of silt.