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Depth: 3m, Difficulty: OW
GPS: -38.090833 144.4725 ( 38°5.450'S 144°28.350'E )
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The Aneiura shipwreck lies in Corio Bay, east of Point Lillias in the Port of Geelong's Outer Harbour.

The site which stands 2.5 to 3 metres above the bottom produces a pronounced return on the depth sounder. There is a heavy growth of algae covering the major features which are the home for numerous fish and stingray. The sand/mud bottom surrounding the wreck has a thick layer of scallop shell.

The north side of the site (still uncertain which side is bow and which stern) has material standing to within a metre of the surface, this material consists of outer planking and 1/2 frames, there is no evidence of inner or ceiling planking. Towards the west end of the site and approximately 10 m north of the mainline of wreckage appears to be the remains of an iron deckhouse. The structure at this end of the site appears to consist of stern deadwood and possible propeller shaft support brackets, but the heavy growth prevents a more accurate guess.

The east end of the site is very fragmented consisting of isolated pieces of wreckage (mostly iron concretion) the sea bottom is this section of the site is mostly made of limestone, a sea bottom which is not so friendly towards a wooden shipwreck.

The centre of the site is quite flat with a heavy growth of algae's growing in and around the frames, keelsons, sister keelsons and upright stanchions. There is evidence of granite ballast. There is no evidence of machinery, anchors or knees.

The south side of the site has collapsed outwards, the frames breaking off at the 1st/2nd frame with the remaining material lying quite flat on the seabed. This area also contains numerous large iron concretions.

As Oronite, came to Australia under Panamanian flag. Seized and sold under order of Supreme Court of Victoria, for non-payment of wharfage and harbour dues, Action no. 38, 25 July 1927.

Dismantled in 1932 by Geelong Harbour Trust at Yarra Street Pier, towed to a beach at Avalon, set alight to allow further fittings to be recovered. Hull later drifted about 3/4 mile offshore and settled in 12 ft (3.66 m) of water.

Dive Type: Wreck Dive

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